Data Breaches - How To Protect Your Business

by Paul Sparkes 13. March 2012 09:29

Databreach can take many forms and utilise a plethora of methods but is usually instigated by a 3rd party gaining access to confidential information from an improperly secured source.

This great infographic examines how smaller businesses can be harder hit and how you can protect your business. Of course smaller businesses can also find that providing a high-performing, secure and compliant IT infrastructure represents a real drain on the organisation's resources. In addition, there's the burden of protecting sensitive stakeholder data from threats posed by viruses and hackers or from accidental loss.

People always assume that just big companies are subject to data breaches, but that is definitely not the case. The ever expanding area of small business is just as susceptible.

Some ways to keep your data secure are to keep secure passwords and firewalls to protect your information and the information of your customers/clients, deliver your software and IT service through hosted solutions and be sure that your employees are trustworthy and are keeping an eye out for potential leaks or intrusions, and to consult an expert. The expertise of the hacker is definitely growing and the safest way to be protected is to be protected by a professional. 

IRIS Hosted Solutions - is an affordable and effective alternative to managing your IT in-house and the great thing is that the core software applications are hosted on dedicated, powerful servers in a highly secure and scalable data centre.

The service delivers the highest levels of reliability, resilience and security and is provided as a monthly per-user fee, removing capital outlay and enabling efficient budgeting - thoroughly recommend that you take a look ...

Infographic courtesy of Bolt Insurance.


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