Real Time Information Checklist

by Paul Sparkes 9. January 2013 16:56

From April 2013 Real Time Information (RTI) will become the standard PAYE/NIC reporting. Make sure you are ready to go live with this handy 6-point real time information checklist from IRIS Exchequer to help you with the migration to live RTI submissions. Remember that you will need to send RTI data to HMRC online, every time a payment is made.

If you would like more information on Real Time Information (RTI) or to have a discussion about RTI preparation, payroll software or training, please contact the Exchequer team on 0844 815 5608 or email
Further information can also be found on the Exchequer website at

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Infographic | Real Time Information (RTI)

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George United Kingdom
2/20/2013 3:46:52 PM #

A very useful checklist. But could I add one thing? Businesses that submit PAYE payments directly via Bacs, also need to ensure that their Bacs software can handle the new RTI sub reference which must accompany the payment.

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