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by Blogadmin 25. February 2016 11:11

At one of our recent events, we asked Advanced Exchequer customers to name their three key business focuses for the year ahead. There was a wide range of industries and types of organisations represented at the event but a surprising level of consensus when asked this question.

The top 5 included:

  1. Process improvements
  2. IT infrastructure 
  3. Staff development
  4. Profit and growth
  5. Reporting

Is improving processes on your hit list for the year? The detail behind those who answered process improvements varied from improving stock ordering, tightening credit control, firming up bill of materials or simply streamlining and automating day-to-day processes to save time. However they all drive towards the same theme of working smarter.

Continuing with the ‘working smarter’ theme, many other customers said that they will be focusing on their IT infrastructure to support changing business requirements. Embracing more digital processes could be a key change to supporting an increase in business growth.

The important thing to take away here is to make sure your key business management software solutions are in alliance with your key business focuses for the year, rather than having your software solutions holding you back and making you work harder rather than smarter. 

Advanced Exchequer continues to develop our software to support our customers’ key focuses, with the following major new releases:
  • Order payments - a seamless extension of the traditional sales and purchase order cycle
  • Payment Portal (optional) - to automate credit card processing and simplify compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • Prompt Payment Discount - to control and process large volumes of payments while supporting compliance
  • More recently R1.1 Release includes new features such as VAT 100 filing feature, allowing returns to be submitted directly to HMRC.

Read the full article to find out what the rest of our customers will be focusing on in 2016.


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