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by Blogadmin 28. July 2015 10:15

A quick guide to eXchequer 365's key features
With more of us working on the move across different office locations and even countries, it’s common to see today’s professionals checking in with the office on trains, planes, buses – wherever there’s a connection for smartphones and tablets. This flexibility does potentially create its own problems as certain processes still require access to the business management system. 

In recognising this need, Advanced Business Solutions has developed eXchequer365 which is a mobile application that sits alongside the standard Exchequer platform. Designed with business continuity in mind the application can be used on both iOS and Android devices as well as through a Windows desktop app. 

The data the application receives from the central system is live as long as there’s connectivity, ensuring users have access to up to date information. The main processes it supports are procurement, allowing remote users to raise purchase requisitions which can then be authorised. Functionality also includes general enquiries – allowing access to customer and supplier records, as well as stock information to check availability. It can raise sales orders remotely, which is especially useful for businesses with sales representatives out on the road. Newly introduced in 2015, the solution can now send “push” notifications to alert users of action required. 

Figure 1. Exchequer 365 Home screen

Reducing invoicing costs 

According to the research and analysis group Gartner, the cost of processing an invoice in the UK averages between £4 and £25 and in some cases even up to £50, per individual invoice.
Results of IOMA's AP 2012 Department Benchmarks and Analysis report, indicates that in an environment with a low level of automation the average cost of processing an invoice can be up to 20 times the average cost of invoice processing in an environment with high levels of automation. With such dramatic success levels being achieved with invoicing automation solutions, businesses are increasingly recognising the benefits.

For organisations still relying on manual paper intensive systems, tracking the average costs associated with invoice processing can be problematic. Unsurprisingly, manual AP processes outweigh alternative methods in smaller to medium-sized companies where human and capital resources are limited. This results in higher processing costs in smaller companies.
eXchequer365 is able to help users automate their procurement processes, therefore  reducing costs.  The app can be used across tablets, smartphones and desktops offering a truly mobile solution that enables users to engage with Exchequer’s accounting software any time, any place. 

Purchase requisitions on the move 

Designed to be intuitive the mobile app can be used to raise a purchase requisition (PR) which can then be sent through a defined authorisation route depending on its value or what needs to be bought.  Each authoriser is notified of the pending transaction as it arrives whatever device they are using.  On approval of the PR, office based staff are able to raise the purchase order (PO) which can be sent as a PDF via email or in the post.

In-line with individual company processes or requirements, if the PO needs to be authorised before sending we can also do that by sending out to the relevant people once again. At some point the goods or services that have been ordered will arrive and we can match what is actually received against what was ordered and deal with any discrepancies. The system will automatically deal with the accruals for goods received and not invoiced and reverse these out at the appropriate time. At the point the Purchase Invoice (PI) arrives we can then reverse the process to authorise this getting paid. The invoice is entered on to the system either manually or via one of our document management systems.


Figure 2. Supplier Ledger                                      Figure 3. A list of existing PO's                             Figure 4. A line on a PO

eXchequer365 is also useful for viewing  management information on the move.  Any reports that have been created in Exchequer can be pushed out to the mobile app on a read only basis. On request the report is created from the most current data so the information pushed out to the user is always up to date.  

Figure 5. My Reports                                                  Figure 6. Example management report

The app also provides a number of inquiry functions so that you can look at customer, supplier, stock and project information when required.

Figure 7. Customer turnover report                                Figure 8. Project report list

eXchequer 365 Desktop App
Alongside the mobile eXchequer365 app we have also developed a desktop version for those users who need the same functionality but are office based.  In the past anybody needing to raise sales or purchase orders on Exchequer needed to have a full user license. With eXchequer365 you can now give lots of users a broad range functionality with only a small monthly overhead rather than having to purchase full user licenses.

For more information and to see eXchequer365 in action, check out our on-demand webinar ‘One finance app that could change your life’ at