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Bring your own device strategy whitepaper

Why every charity and not for
profit needs a BYOD (bring your
own device) strategy

This whitepaper provides an overview of how
mobile technology is changing the way that
charities and not for profits interact externally
with supporters and stakeholders and internally
with their field-based teams.

In particular, it explores the issue of what is commonly termed ‘BYOD’ (bring your own device), whereby employees use their own devices to access and
store information for work as well as their own
personal information.

The FD’s Guide to Making

The FD’s Guide to Making the Case for
a New Business Management Solution

7 factors to consider in writing a
compelling business case.

In the present climate, investment in business management software can take some justification.

Whether you rely heavily on manual processes or
already have a solution in place, the temptation is
to delay the decision, perhaps until the economy
picks up, and try to manage with your existing
systems for another couple or years.

Reducing stock and increasing profits

A guide to reducing stock:
increase your profits

It’s obvious: cash tied up in stock equates
to less working capital for your business.

What is less obvious is how to achieve that tricky balance whereby your stock is kept moving but you retain enough items on the shelves to satisfy customer demand.

This guide offers some tips to managing stock and predicting demand in a way that enables you to
meet customers’ expectations more profitably.

Work smarter with our guide on the top apps for Finance Professionals

This whitepaper explores over 10 apps that helps finance and business professionals alike work smarter but not harder.

In today’s world we are facing increasing pressure to work both faster and smarter. You can now do both whilst on the go, thanks to the availability of many mobile apps currently on the market. We explore some of the most efficient business apps, from helping you stay organised to helping you finance on the go.

Corporate fraud

Corporate Fraud: What is it costing
your organisation?

How to create a 'zero tolerance' culture

Increasingly, companies are discovering that they need to be ever vigilant to the possibility of internal fraud and are drawing more on ‘forensic’ techniques via software that can help identify, highlight and block rogue behaviour.

Download this guide to ensure your organisation has the right tools in place to create a ‘zero’ tolerance culture on corporate fraud.

Taking charge of the momentum

Taking charge of the momentum

Capitalising on growth forecasts

As the CBI raised its growth forecasts for 2013 and 2014 then they can only reflect positively to finance professionals but equally must be viewed with caution. This guide looks at the productive steps that can be taken internally to make sure you are in the best possible shape to embrace the positive economic outlook.

Automatic enrolment

Automatic enrolment in a
workplace pension

The next new challenge for employers

2013 has already seen great change for employers,
with Real Time Information (RTI), the new system for reporting pay, tax, National Insurance and other details
to HMRC coming into force.

Counting down to SEPA

Counting down to SEPA

When euro coins and banknotes entered circulation on
1 January 2002, consumers could pay by cash anywhere in the euro area just as easily as at home.

5 key qualities of a successful FD

The 5 Key Qualities of a Successful FD

In this whitepaper, we cover the 5 invalauble
skills required to be a successful FD today.

Document Management Uncovered

Document Management Uncovered

Document Management is one of the easiest and
most effective ways of reducing costs – Fact.

Web reporting

Web reporting - Is this the end of the traditional management report?

Senior decision-makers are becoming more demanding, not only in the way they access information, but also re the accuracy and timeliness of the data they access.

    8 benefits of remote working

    The 8 benefits of remote working - and why your organisation should embrace it!

    Remote working, whether from home, on-the-move or from an alternative office or location is on the increase and with an estimated 20% of us working remotely in 2012 (CPNI), this figure is set to increase further as more employers and employees recognise the benefits.


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