Contract Management Software

Save time and eradicate the manual processes associated with
contract billing and invoicing.

Manage multiple contracts and gain instant access to key information with the Exchequer contracting software suite. Using the wealth of contracts data held within Exchequer, the contract management software module makes forecasting a simple task.

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Exchequer Contract Management software provides:

  • Automation of deferred revenue – remove manual processes and generate monthly
    deferred journals at the click of a button
  • User-defined contract types – tailor the system to your business by defining the
    contract header and any individual contract lines, as well as the contract periods
  • Dynamic accounts interface – seamless integration with the Exchequer accounts
    system allows dynamic lookup of GL codes, cost centres, departments and project costing data
  • Powerful reporting made easy – view realised/unrealised revenues, deferred income and contracts
    due for invoice by date range and create key reports including invoice schedules and letters instantly

Construction-specific solutions can also be adopted and include:

  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)/Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) – account for tax issues
    easily and effectively
  • Applications & Valuations – automatically calculate complex postings required to track sub-contractor
    payment and accurately manage tax deductions

Exchequer Construction finance and Contract management software helps alleviate the pressures faced by the construction and allied industries by providing access to real-time information and streamlining everyday processes.

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“We use Exchequer forecasting to pay our main contractors within 14 days instead of the industry standard of 21 days.”


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