Financial Document Management

Speed up payment processes
with invoice scanning


Become more efficient by accessing the right information in the right place at the right time

With Exchequer Document Manager you can send, share and store all financial and operational documents securely and efficiently, with the added benefit of becoming an environmentally friendly paperless office.

"We wanted to eliminate paperwork as much as possible, be able to devolve and delegate our procedures in areas such as purchase ledger and provide management with at-a-glance expenditure figures. Exchequer is now used everyday by the whole organisation."

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Exchequer Document Management software will help you to:


Streamline accounts payable by scanning invoices and enabling a faster approval process


Enable remote workers and multiple sites to easily access documents in one location


Comply with HMRC regulations providing unprecedented accuracy and efficiency


See the Integrate fully with the Exchequer finacial management solution


Save time retrieving documents and reduce risk of losing paperwork


Reduce storage space and costs whilst securely backing up documentations

Document Management ROI Calculator

Does your finance department carry out manual administrative data processes? If so, you could be wasting money, manpower and creating unnecessary errors. Find out how much you could save by using our handy return on investment (ROI) calculator.

NEW: Reduce manual data entry by up to 80%
with OCR technology

OCR automatically detects relevant data from scanned invoices and then files in the right place within the Exchequer Document Management solution.

Five things you didn't know a Document Management system could do

Is your business looking to save space, time and money? Check out this webinar to find out all the benefits a document management system could bring to your business including the ability to ensure critical information is recovered if the worst happens.

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