Document Management software

Streamline business processes and
improve business efficiency.

Exchequer Document Management software helps businesses digitalise and streamline their existing document processes to increase efficiency and reduce paper usage.

It enables users to turn their office into a paperless environment and do more work with less resource.

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Reduced manual data entry by up to 80%.

Gain significant product savings by automating the processing of invoices.

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ROI Calculator

Exchequer ROI Calculator

In most organisations, finance departments continue to carry out
manual administrative data processing, which is inefficient in
terms of cost, manpower and can lead to unnecessary errors.

Find out how much you could save with Exchequer document
management by using our handy, return on investment (ROI) calculator.

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Exchequer Document Management software will help you to:

  • Save time retrieving documents
  • Reduce storage space and costs
  • Securely back up documentation
  • Document processes efficiently
  • Centrally manage and control documents  

Manage your purchase invoices with Exchequer Document Manager

Exchequer Document Management software streamlines accounts payable by processing all inbound and
outbound documents electronically. This enables faster order and invoice approval through online invoice presentation; and document workflows that enable users to quickly cross-reference documents to identify discrepancies and
resolve potential disputes. Exchequer Document Management complies with HMRC regulations and provides an unprecedented level of accuracy and efficiency.

Exchequer Document Management integrates fully with the rest of the Exchequer solution to centralise
document management into one efficient, secure and universally able environment, dramatically
improving user access and document security.

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“Exchequer Document Manager saves us over £12,000
every year.”
Glossbrook Builders Ltd


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