Project Accounting

Comprehensive control and visibility of costs, from start to finish.

The ultimate tool in cost control

  • Log time and expenses and interact with your business systems whether on the move or working remotely
  • Gain visibility of your costs and resource utilisation by automating vital tasks
  • Remove the need for complex manual calculations and processes, such as invoice generation
  • Support a profitable delivery of projects

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Suitable for any project-driven organisation, Exchequer project costing software is flexible enough
to cater for all types of projects or jobs, providing the ultimate tool in time and cost control.

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All new, real-time access to your vital business data.

Exchequer project costing software now comes with the added benefit of Exchequer LIVE - a range of
modules designed to enable project managers in remote locations to have easy access to their Exchequer solution.
web enabled modules

Current Exchequer LIVE solutions include:

  • LIVE Timesheets – base new timesheets on historical timesheets; instigate expense claims from a
    timesheet; record hours on a ‘per day’ basis
  • LIVE Expenses – set expense threshold limits by expense categories; record mileage; base new expense
    claims on historical claims; attach notes to expense claims; instigate timesheets from expense claims
  • LIVE eProcurement – gain centralised visibility and control of local purchasing decisions and relationships;
    create and manage a host of purchase transactions including purchase requisitions, orders, delivery notes,
    invoices and credit notes
  • LIVE Project Manager – gain remote visibility of projects and control costs by reviewing actual and
    committed costs or by stipulating budgets at various levels within a project

See for yourself:

Approver benefits

Video Benefits for approvers

Exchequer LIVE's web-based modules offer a brand new way to approve your employees' timesheets & expense claims arrow view


User benefits

Video Benefits for users

Discover a brand new way of submitting your timesheets and expense claims  arrow view


Admin benefits

Video Benefits for admins

Discover how Exchequer LIVE's expense categories
and thresholds can remove
the hassle from processing claims arrow view

These solutions are the first in a line of exciting new web enabled software modules being delivered
as part of the Exchequer solution.

Each module within the Exchequer Project Costing software suite fully integrates with other Exchequer modules to coordinate every aspect of your business.

It ensures that costs and budgets are controlled efficiently, cash flow improves, and time and resources are optimised.

Exchequer Project, Job & Time Costing software will help you to:

  • Monitor and track costs closely
  • Analyse where time is spent
  • Invoice costs accurately
  • Ensure projects stay within budget

Construction-specific modules can also be adopted as part of this suite:

  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)/Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) – ideal for any company in the construction and allied industries employing sub-contractors. This module accounts for tax issues easily and effectively
  • Applications & Valuations – automatically calculate complex postings required to track sub-contractor payments and accurately manage tax deductions
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“By allocating all income and costs to
a project, we get much better visibility and control over
job profitability. Exchequer highlights all costs to projects and this information enables us to cost future jobs more accurately.”
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