Manufacturing & distribution
accounting software

Right product, right place, right price


We're the ideal fit if you:

Buy in components to assemble or repackage
Outsource production processes
Require a solution for 3-50+ users

With over 20 years' of experience supporting manufacturing
& distribution customers, Advanced Exchequer offers:


Accurate stock forecasting
and drill-down


Secure mobile applications for
professionals on the move


Exceptional warehouse
and stock control


Proactive and promotional selling


Scheduled rush order packaging


Efficient returns management

Discover the benefits of stock forecasting

From reducing costs and inventory levels to minimising material shortages, discover how Advanced Exchequer can help you to maximise commercial opportunities with our FREE
20 minute on-demand webinar.

"We have streamlined our processes and been able to tailor Exchequer to suit our methods, such as handling up front payments and creating a bespoke solution that you would never get out the box."


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